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Managing operating goals

How our OGM software works

OGM works by assessing the conformance of defined indicators against defined goals and constraints. It identifies events which are out-of-normal conditions and determines whether they constitute an instance of non-conformance. Non-conformance events are prioritized and the role(s) responsible for their resolution are notified to take action. Over time, OGM builds an organization-specific knowledge base to facilitate improved non-conformance resolution in the future.

Our products and services

Apply company knowledge to manage operational compliance and critical tasks. OGM centralizes company knowledge and captures additional expertise in real-time so it can be readily shared and accessed by others leading to a better-informed course of action when addressing an abnormal situation.

With OGM software, you will benefit from the following unique features:

  • Scalability – proven at over 20,000 indicators
  • Role-based (users may belong to more than one role)
  • Notification on severity of out-of-normal events, as related to non-conformance 
  • Embedded diagnostic tool with masking to filter out inappropriate indicators
  • Context-sensitive knowledge base
  • Integrated task management; connection to 3rd party systems if preferred
  • Synchronization of asset hierarchy with SAP and synchronization of work orders with maintenance system
  • Native integration with the PI system
  • Audit trail
Read our Operating Goals Manager fact sheet

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