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Energy management

The most reliable way to reduce operating costs and improve profitability in a volatile market

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Are your energy systems restricting your production and profitability in today’s volatile market?

KBC offers industry experts, superior technology, proprietary methodologies and operational excellence to help you optimize and sustain your asset’s performance.

Our software tools show you how to optimize the design, revamp and operation of energy systems, ensuring optimum efficiency. Make confident utility configuration decisions, identify opportunities, size equipment, plan for potential future scenarios and speed up performance management with online monitoring.


Reduce energy and capital costs at the design stage

  • Make utility configuration decisions, size equipment and build-in high efficiency, taking into account site specific economics and energy costs to maximize returns
  • Simulate and design standalone utility systems, or seamlessly integrate them into process models
  • Minimize energy costs through effective design of heat exchanger networks

Develop energy improvement revamps easily and accurately

  • Identify improvement opportunities, evaluate benefits and predict future scenarios

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“Using rigorous benchmarking technology gave a National Oil Company customer confidence that all possible gap closing opportunities had been identified. Savings totaled €8 million and more than 80 energy performance indicators were identified to help the customer sustain benefit over the long-term."


Allan Rudman, Vice President Energy Services, KBC

Measure and manage energy costs in day-to-day operations

  • Automatically acquire, reconcile, interpret and capture real-time energy performance data
  • Improve operational performance management with online monitoring, optimizing heat exchanger cleaning cycles and equipment maintenance planning
  • Use proprietary benchmark energy KPIs to ensure the optimum synergy of process and energy performance

Real-time optimization of energy costs

  • Forecast across multiple time periods to determine fuel import and power export commitments, enabling you to optimize major utility equipment running strategies
  • Optimize plant performance in real-time, responding to fluctuations in power grid pricing and demand
  • Automate prescriptive analytics to optimize energy costs within given constraints

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