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What is Digitalization?


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"We generated unit performance improvements of $1 million per year, engineering efficiencies, resource and capital planning savings, and power quality improvements of over $500,000 per year."
US integrated power utility.

What does a Digitalized plant look like?

Through the Digitalization of business processes within your plant, you can realize a number of benefits. A Digitalized plant can see operations with a massively-reduced number of unexpected events; excellent levels of reliability, safety, performance and environmental compliance and assets running with extraordinary efficiency in terms of energy and process yield, as all possible improvement mechanisms will be constantly exploited.

The entire operation will be enabled to act with agility and flexibility to respond to external threats and opportunities, making and then implementing increasingly rapid changes to maximize value. This will all be achieved with a smaller but more empowered workforce.

The digitally wise will consume the laggards in the market.

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Read our 'Operational Excellence in Refining and Petrochemicals' whitepaper

"The project paid for itself within a few months."
Major Canadian natural gas producer.

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4 Digitalization projects to start today

Whether you are just starting on your industrial Digitalization journey or have already accomplished a lot from any existing Digitalization solutions, KBC still has much to offer.

One of the 4 high-impact, quick-win projects shown here may be of interest to you.

Fill out the form below to be contacted by a KBC expert. They will discuss these industrial Digitalization projects with you or any other Digitalization solutions or initiatives that may meet your specific needs. Plus, they will share with you a copy of our detailed Digitalization Manifesto.


Commission an ‘as-is value audit and readiness’ assessment.


Establish KPIs and implement fleetwide monitoring and assurance.


Build a digital twin of your plant.


Manage and optimize energy use.
"We achieved a 40% reduction in drill-out costs."
Independent US oil and gas producer.

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